Way Too Many Clouds

The number of cloud services I use has become endless. Prior to outlining a consolidation goal, I thought it would be worthwhile to outline each service:

  1. Personal photo store and sharing: Dropbox (Carousel) - Huge fan of the UI and simplicity. Downside is limited storage...unless you want to pay.
  2. Work files: Box - Much more accepted in corporate environment and have grown up with Box as free service for over 50 GB. 
  3. Work file sharing: Quip and Slack - Love both too much to figure out which to keep.
  4. Personal files: Google Drive - Use Google Docs on personal laptops and/or Chromebook, no Microsoft apps.
  5. Contacts: Google - For fear of leaving iOS, not wanting to export or Office contacts vanishing with job change.
  6. Music: Amazon Cloud - Lots of storage with a few MP3 purchases and the ability to import AAC, MP3, etc. 
  7. Books: Amazon Kindle - Simply for portability on various operating systems and devices.
  8. Notes/Reminders: iOS Notes - Left Evernote after the debacle a year or so ago. I should probably go back.
  9. Exercise: Nike Running - Only because it has my history. 
  10. Social Messaging: iMessages - Leaves out texts and can't be access on 2 of my machines, need to transition to Facebook Messenger for full continuity.

10 is just too many. Ambitiously trying for 7 by year end. Any ideas?