Mobile Interconnected Services Inflection Point

Seamless interconnection of services seem to have finally arrived. There has been talk of deep linking standards by companies like Facebook, releases of APIs from companies like Uber and test markets in NYC with companies like Opentable & Cover. 

Yesterday HomeAway announced the most ambitious deeplink/innterconnected app release yet. HomeAway is in the business of renting vacation homes with competition in the form of or more recently Airbnb. HomeAway's latest app release provides users the ability to book and/or utilize the following services within the walls of the HomeAway app:

  • Uber - Transportation to/from vacation rental. 
  • Instacart - Grocery shopping and delivery services to order and stock vacation rental.
  • Gogobot - Information offering providing reviews, to-do discovery lists based upon your vacation location.

This is just one example of how various services and apps will continue to become more interconnected to provide multiple services under one roof, so to speak. If done well, the experience can be deeply satisfying for a customer.

Update: Uber announced integration with Spotify. The ability to control the music played within your Uber car ride. Link