In Perspective: Amazon Prime

As an avid customer and advisor for brands selling on Amazon, I continue to be amazed at what the Prime program has become and is becoming:

  • Captive: Less than 1% of Prime customers are likely to consider other mass-market retail sites (e.g. or in the same online session.
  • High Volume: Prime members spend $1,500 annually vs. $625 of typical Amazon customers.
  • High Converters: 63% of Prime members carried out a paid transaction in the same visit, non-prime was 13% vs. at 5%.
  • Growing: By 2020, analysts predict 50% of American households will be Prime members. 

Prime's unapologetic pursuit of simple commerce is clearly ahead of other rivals. Features like one-click checkout, pressing Amazon Dash buttons for replenishment and Prime Now same-day/same-hour shipping continue to lengthen their lead.