Razor Sales Move Online

The online market for razorblades barely existed a few years ago, yet Americans have taken to it quickly: Web sales of men's shaving gear in the U.S. have nearly doubled in the 12 months through May to $263 million, according to estimates from Slice Intelligence, a market research firm.
That is about 8% of the roughly $3 billion market and a big surprise to people who follow the market.
The pace continues to quicken. In the first five months of 2015, online sales amounted to $141 million, more than double that a year ago, according to Slice.

More than double last year...>15% of total sales are now coming from online. Although the deep pockets of venture capital funded startups like Dollar Shave Club and Harrys are funding this shift, the trend continues. Currently in the US, there is a 90/10 split on brick and mortar to online. However, more connected countries like Korea are already seeing 14-15%

Side note, I'd love to know the percentage of Gillette's business that is now purchased online from various retailers. 





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