Tech Infused Retail Newsletter #86

In a further push to satisfy activist shareholders and focus on the Marketplaces business, eBay looks to divest their previously acquired GSI Commerce business. Link

American Express finally announces their online payments play. Because Amex controls the account management vs. Visa and Mastercard who issues cards through banks, the process seems a lot simpler for consumers. Auto populated shipping address and payment information using your everyday American Express login credentials. The land grab for the checkout page continues now that every major issuer has their own button. Link

Most marketers believe Facebook's new pricing model based on website clicks will lead to increased spending. I generally agree as the targeting abilities of Facebook far outweigh those of Google and this eliminates the question that baffles most marketers: What is the value of a like? Link

Facebook testing picture in picture / second screening. Link

Twitter is now allowing for birthday submission to drive improved targeting. Link

Pinterest has become a social login for other sites and apps. Link

KFC in China using Alipay. Link

Google's Waze testing carpooling in Israel. Very interesting as we know Google is an investor in Uber. Link

Bitcoin transactions per day are seeing new highs with Greek liquidity crisis and Chinese market correction as the price briefly broached $300 pre-Greece deal.

With the latest updates to retail sales, the department store sales versus overall retail sales show why the department store space continues to "shift the pie":