Tech Infused Retail Newsletter #87

Google showed off quite a few new tools embedded within the various ad types they run for retailers within search apps. The buy buttons created the most excitement but it was good to see tools allowing customers the ability to search inventory at specific stores or even be notified of price doors on particular items. Google is happy with driving, influencing or processing the purchase. Link

In other news, Google announces the launch of Eddystone for beacons. Pretty compelling announcement as the platform is open, cross-platform and will allow beacons to drive engagement through browsers and not just downloaded apps. This might be a case of slow and steady wins the race when comparing to iBeacon from Apple. Link

Facebook gets serious about empowering eCommerce within store pages. Link

Facebook using Messenger to test virtual assistant named Moneypenny. Link

What would food delivery be without Groupon? Link

Why Alibaba stumbled in the US with 11 Main offering. Link

Venmo transacted $1.6b in payments this quarter, a rise of 240%+. Small when compared to eBay's $66b, but service has definitely found a market niche. Link

Messaging is changing how we use social media. Link

Oculus buys hand-tracking company. Might this bring augmented capabilities eventually? Link

More of the same...Google Play downloads exceed iOS and iOS revenue exceeds Google Play. One point of interest, China iOS downloads now exceed the US...inevitable but now realized. Link

Pew provided a thorough update to social media access for news. Basic findings were Twitter and Facebook are becoming more of a critical role for news consumption and unsurprisingly continue to be more popular for the younger generations. I would expect Facebook to see improvements in importance for news as they shift focus to surfacing content from mainstream media outlets. A few of the worthwhile charts (Link):

Gmail maintains dominance and becoming more so according to Mailchimp stats (Link):