Innovation Award: Dominos Pizza

How much innovation exists within the pizza delivery business? Quite a bit when you look at Dominos. This $2 billion plus pizza chain is a step ahead of peers with innovation improving productivity and improving the customer experience. Can't help but be impressed with a company that publicly stated mobile is a key focus back in 2007. A few product highlights over the past few years:

  • 2007 - Online and mobile ordering launched
  • 2008 - Pizza tracker launched
  • 2009 - Think Oven launched providing crowd sourced topping ideas
  • 2013 - Pizza profiles launched allowing for 30 second ordering
  • 2014 - Voice ordering with Siri like responses launched (Link)
  • 2014 - 3D pizza app ordering launched
  • 2015 - Customized SUV's carrying up to 80 pizzas with integrated ovens launched (Link)
  • 2015 - One-tap mobile ordering using Apple Watch launched

Truly impressive how innovation is a foundation of their culture. Some launches have failed, but each release seeks to improve the customer experience and increase productivity. A faster, transparent, more convenient experience pays dividends in many ways. Think innovation assisted with the stock price over the past several years?