Snapchat Inflection Point

It can take many years for platforms to develop and reach a true inflection point. Snapchat finally seems poised to hit that inflection point with the masses. Whether it's the mainstream success of personalities like DJ Khaled, popular outlets like Wall Street Journal outlining a how-to for Snapchat or breaking into the top 5 overall within the Google Play store:

Publishers are jumping on the bandwagon as an alternative to furthering their dependence on Facebook or waiting for Twitter's latest strategy. Advertisers have started to take notice with Snapchat being the #1 platform ad buyers are looking to buy on in 2016:

With 45% of the 2015 user base being within the ages of 18-24, there is plenty of room for growth. Snapchat is coming in full force with content, cool factor and intrigue which bring a larger audience and ad dollars.