Amazon Books Store Review

Recently visited Amazon Books in Seattle. Took a quick video of store and point of sale that is shown below. Overall impressions: 

  • Looks and feels like your typical bookstore
  • Wood and outdoor theme is very different than that of Apple stores steel/glass modern feel
  • All price discovery is completed via Amazon app, there are no price tags in the store
  • Strong use of Amazon and Goodreads reviews throughout store to drive purchases
  • Electronics own the most valuable piece of real estate in-store
  • Believe the electronics showcase is a preview of what future stores will look like; small format stores with demos driving hardware sales to fuel content sales
  • Surprised there was no use of beacons or tech to welcome me to store via app or provide recommendations on what to potentially purchase
  • Surprised there was no use of mobile payments, you were forced to use cash register for checkout