Worth A Click: 4/7/16

Several newsletter and blog readers have requested daily links to sites, articles or thoughts I come across. Therefore I will start a "Worth A Click" post of similar themes to my newsletter: retail, tech and finance. I can't promise this daily and can't promise the amount of content. I won't waste your time if something isn't worth a click and do promise to give you my view. Without further ado, here is the "Worth A Click" for 4/7/16:

  • New Kindle will bring solar charging and extended battery case. Didn't realize the battery was an issue.Link
  • Replacing your laptop with an iPad Pro for 2 weeks. Spolier: Don't. Link
  • Twitter to livestream NFL Thursday games. Always loved the platform but Wall Street fell out of love once growth slowed. Fantastic move to increase relevance and re-engage Wall Street interest. They won't make money off of ads during the game but it may help in the growth department. Link
  • 3-D printed Rembrandt. Link
  • Unbundling continues. Starz is latest network to launch monthly channel at cost of $8.99.
  • Etsy allows you to launch your store outside the Etsy.com site. Link
  • Chat app Kik allows you to launch your own bot. Link
  • Facebook suggesting businesses to chat with within Messenger. Link
  • Target integrates manufacturer coupons within their Cartwheel app. Link
  • Asos closes in China. Alibaba proves to be too much. Link
  • Alibaba is officially larger than Walmart. Link
  • Bots are all the rage almost overnight. Line is latest to release. Link
  • You can now order Taco Bell on Slack via bot. Link
  • Dominos releases its' version of Amazon Dash. One button ordering via app. Link
  • A fleet of trucks just drove itself across Europe. Link
  • WeWork launches livable space service named WeLive. Link