Buy Ahead, Prep On-Time

Frequent readers of this blog know I have been impressed with Domino's ability to continue to innovate in what is thought of as a low tech business. This past week, Domino's announced a feature in which using the customer's mobile GPS, employees will be notified to begin prepping pizza's based on the proximity of the customer to the store. 

Another new service is the "on-time cooking" for pick up customers. With the use of a GPS customer tracker, Domino's will only start making the pizza when the customer is in close proximity to the store. This will help to ensure that customers receive their pizzas fresh.

This may sound familiar as we have seen Square Order use beacons and GPS to alert barista's of incoming customers that placed an online order ahead of a visit. We have also seen similar use cases from Starbucks and Taco Bell

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