Time Spent with Media

It's no secret that traditional media like TV and print continues to lose eye share. In 2011, TV took up about 41% of our time spent with media. That number shrank to 35% in 2015 as digital grew from 33% in 2011 of time to 47% of time in 2015. So where do we expect to spend our time in 2018? Actually very close to what it is today.

Digital will remain #1 and the losses to traditional TV and radio are quite small. Print and other are down double digits in percentage but only account for about 10% of time spent. Taking a look at digital shows that even the major growth years of mobile are likely behind us with law of large numbers and time saturation catching up.

The largest growth within the digital category is other connected devices like Roku, Apple TV and video game players. Surprisingly that category only equates to 8% of overall time spent within digital.

So what do you think? Do these numbers seem realistic as we seek to use bots, voice dictation and assistants like Siri and Alexa?

Note: eMarketer stats that include second screening