Streaming and Facebook Reign Surpreme

The last time we reviewed top internet traffic properties in North America used fixed acess, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video accounted for 58.1% of total downstream traffic. Fast forward six months later and that number has declined to 56.7%. Netflix is down largely due to better optimization of data processing whilst Amazon Video picked up about a percent. On the upstream side, BitTorrent and other file sharing services continue to lose share while storage applications like Google Cloud, iCloud and Box pick up share. 

The mobile snapshot looks a bit different. YouTube and Facebook are #1 and #2 controlling 35% of total downstream traffic. It's worth noting that Instagram and Snapchat continue to grow in both downstream and upstream. Instagram specifically owns the #5 spot for total mobile traffic in aggregate and leapfrogged Snapchat. Also worth noting that Pandora dropped from the top 10.

North America continues to be addicted to streaming video and social media.