Amazon Dash Program Expanding

WSJ is reporting that Amazon will be expanding the Dash program to dozens of new brands taking the total brand count well over 100. The article notes what Amazon is charging brands to opt into the program:

Companies pay Amazon $15 for each button sold and 15% of each Dash product sale, atop the normal commission, which typically ranges from 8% to 15%, the people familiar with the matter said.
Helping expand Dash’s ranks: Amazon dropped a hefty buy-in fee of around $200,000 required of the first companies that signed up, according to people familiar with the terms.

Slice Intelligence reports that less than half of those who purchase a Dash button use it and those that do use the button purchase an item once every two months. Funded by brands and close to 50% usage? Sounds better than any other ecommerce marketing channel (apps, banners, retargeting, email) I know of. These are first generation buttons. Amazon will improve the buttons and I wouldn't be surprised to see brand agnostic buttons or versions allowing for multiple products.

My review of Amazon Dash buttons can be found below:

There are now over 100+ brands utilizing Dash buttons via Amazon. What makes a customer purchase without a thought? Comfort and ease. When a customer knows an order will delivered quickly, at a reasonable price with one touch of a button...."thoughtless commerce" takes place.

Update: 50 new brands are joining the program bringing the total count to 150.