Cadillac Launches Subscription Cars Direct to Consumer

Cadillac launches an innovative program that brings monthly car subscriptions to customers for $1,500 a month:

A member pays a flat monthly fee of $1,500 (there’s also a one-time $500 initiation and processing fee).  For all this, the member gets unlimited access to several Cadillacs – from the V Series, XT5 and CT6 to an Escalade – for as long and whenever wanted. These same cars would cost between $60,000 and $100,00 if purchased outright, according to a Reuters report. The car is home delivered and the fee includes registration, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. There’s no mileage limit and if you want out of the program you just have to give 30 days’ notice.

Keep in mind that this model completely eliminates the dealer and is the car industry selling direct to the consumer. Program launches in NYC February 1 and should be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow suit.