Tech Infused Retail Takes: November 6

Caught up on all things retail over the weekend:

  • Amazon pulling Amazon Fresh out of a few markets...would assume because the density just isn't there. Link
  • Bloomberg complains about Alibaba not making enough money in other pursuits. Sound familiar? Google? Amazon? Link
  • Alexa really isn't used for shopping...maybe Oprah can change that? Link
  • Starbucks butchers earnings...10% of orders are now driven by mobile order ahead. Link
  • Facebook's WhatsApp experiences a local competitor in India. Link
  • We have become accustomed to a low cost of fuel that inevitably has given consumers more to spend at retail. Fuel is now at a 2 year high. Link
  • Fabric that stores data. Link
  • One in four US adults now get news from social media. Link
  • Uber grew 15% and Lyft grew 33% in latest analysis. Link