Still Addicted to Email.

Are we still addicted to email and are they worthwhile for retailers? A recent study by Fluent of 2,667 respondents believes so:

  • How quickly are people checking email? 19% check emails as they arrive, thanks to real-time notifications. That figure rises to 26% among Millennials, but falls to 16% for people aged 35 and older. 24% check their email several times a day. 19% check less than once a day.
  • How many email addresses do people have? 63% have only one, only 23% have two, and 8% have four or more.
  • Are marketing emails useful: 5% say always useful, 10% say they are frequently useful, 29% rarely find emails useful.
  • Are people doing anything with the emails? 26% say they have visited a brand’s store of website after receiving one. This is equal across all age groups, but women are more likely than men to exhibit this behavior. 26% of the respondents have purchased after receiving an email.  

Bottom line: While we do receive too many emails, we are still addicted and emails continue to drive browsing and purchase behavior.