Amazon Seller Survey: FBA is the Differentiator

Feedvisor recently polled 1,600 3rd party sellers. Amazon continues to provide the best platform to list, manage, communicate and ship across all marketplaces. Keep in mind that Amazon is the only marketplace providing a fulfillment option for sellers. All other marketplaces require the seller to ship the product direct to the consumer. Huge differentiator as to why Amazon continues to dominate the marketplaces for small and medium size 3rd party sellers.

Bottom line: Amazon FBA is a distribution center and customer loyalty program on-demand.

  1. Most sellers are new to Amazon
  2. Majority of seller sales are on Amazon
  3. eBay is the top sales channel other than Amazon
  4. Walmart is the next sales channel sellers plan to expand in 2017
  5. 60% of sellers use Amazon Sponsored Products keyword buying