Best Buy & Amazon: Who Wins?

A lot of chatter surrounding the Best Buy partnership with Amazon to begin selling Alexa powered televisions both on marketplace and within Best Buy stores.

So who wins? Both. Let's take the easier one first.

Amazon gains further reach into televisions for Alexa. Bezos wants Alexa everywhere. Amazon gains real world brick and mortar shelf space while also strengthening their online offering for televisions. A massive business for Amazon.

Best Buy gains a technology platform for their private label Insignia televisions, additional customers via and more products to fill their stores in the pursuit of being the store selling EVERY brand. Keep in mind, Best Buy already sells Amazon products in stores alongside Samsung, HP and Apple store-in-store concepts. Keep in mind, Best Buy already sells on eBay. Product placement on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay is a must in today's ecommerce world. I am shocked it took this long. 

Most will call this a deal with the devil. I applaud both for seeking to exploit what each other needed.