The Story of How Google Maps Came To Be

Recently finished Never Lost Again: The Google Mapping Revolution That Sparked New Industries and Augmented Our Reality via Audible. Remember what it was like before Google Maps? Do you remember using a map? I certainly don't yet we take our location and turn based directions for granted. We are the first civilization that truly isn't ever lost geographically.

The story starts with the tiny startup Keyhole that developed the early version of Google Earth, a downloadable program that allowed users to punch in their address and magically be transported from space overlooking earth down to your actual neighborhood block in dramatic fashion. I remember using this program for the first time and being speechless.

The story evolves into the Google acquisition, Larry Page doubling down with no drive to monetize. Search in 2000 was rarely driven by the context of where someone was and where someone was looking to go. Over time, mashups with the data are made and Google decides to lessen their reliance on the archaic and poorly updated road databases of Tele Atlas and Navteq to build their own. GPS evolves the offering via mobile phones to provide turn based navigation and the eventual acquisition of Waze brings traffic patterns. The story helps to illustrate the number of service offerings spawned. The other services we now take for granted include home searches via Zillow, transportation via Uber and ratings via Yelp. Truly a remarkable story that has cemented Google as our data hub for all things search using geography.

Pick it up and read it, amazing story. Truly one of the most influential acquisitions Google has ever made. 

PS The founder of Keyhole eventually moved on to launch Niantic Labs, developer of Pokemon Go, the fastest growing app of all time and first true augmented reality app.