Managing Email

Managing email and the pursuit of Inbox Zero is a daily battle. For some unknown reason, I am determined to always seek ways to make managing email more effective and efficient. Whether on Office 365, Google Apps or another mail provider, each of today’s apps have different functionality and use cases and none of them are perfect. Here are the latest apps I am using by device:


Outlook - By far the best app I know of on iPad for email and provides. This has been my go-to since the days of Accompli (Microsoft acquired). Gmail doesn’t provide the individual email deletes in thread and really bugs me when filing that you can’t type in which folder in place of scrolling. 

Laptop/Desktop (Browser or App)

Superhuman - Gmail on steroids. Keyboard shortcuts are more intuitive and wide ranging so you literally never touch the mouse. Search is faster, everything based in Chrome in place of another program and definitely the closest I have come to Inbox Zero. Three downsides: only available for Gmail/Google, partial calendar integration and iPhone app is quite slow.

What have I tried? Mail, Newton, Airmail, Gmail, Outlook Web, you name it. None are perfect but Outlook continues to hang and Superhuman is definitely onto something.