Tech Infused Retail Midweek Reads: Stripe, Primark, Shopify, Restoration Hardware

A few articles in the world of retail I found interesting this week:

  • Payments giant Stripe enters the credit card and lending game. Link

  • Walmart is done with acquisitions for small brands and shifted to in-house incubation. Listen to the full interview, sounds as though Marc isn’t happy there and the entire strategy is somewhat up in the air. Link

  • Here come multi-story warehouses. Link

  • Primark doubling down on brick & mortar, plans addition of 1 million square feet of selling space next year. Link

  • Shopify acquiring warehouse automation firm as they push into fulfillment service. Link

  • Amazon trialing returns to their Amazon Go stores. Link

  • FTC investigating Amazon Marketplace. Link

  • Restoration Hardware is one of the few retailers defying the odds right now. Others are Costco, Lululemon. Link

  • Gamestop is the Sears of specialty retail. Link