It's a Streaming and Facebook World

Latest report from Sandvine shows that 70% of North America traffic is now streaming audio and video which is up from 35% five years ago:

Netflix (37.1%), YouTube (17.9%), and Amazon Video (3.1%), the top three sources of video traffic on fixed access networks in North America, all saw an increase in traffic share over the levels observed earlier in the year

That is an increase of 3% for Netflix and 2% for Amazon in the past year alone. There were also some findings related to Instagram and WhatsApp, both part of the Facebook family:

On mobile networks in the Middle East, Instagram is responsible for over 10% of total traffic. Combining Instagram with traffic from WhatsApp and Facebook, reveals that Facebook controls almost 25% of mobile traffic in the region
WhatsApp, driven by the recent addition of voice calling, now accounts for more than 10% of downstream mobile traffic in Africa