Amazon's Blowout Quarter In Chart

Amazon reported earnings this past week that showed acceleration in almost all areas. First point to note was the strongest year over year quarterly net sales for both product and services in the past 5 years. The second quarter saw growth of 31% with product sales and service sales up 23% and 53% respectively.

International sales posted the strongest year over year quarterly net sales whilst AWS cloud services slowed from the torrential growth rates of previous quarters. This is likely due to the expanded Prime Now rollouts in the UK and further traction within India.

Third party sellers have been gaining about 1% per quarter since Q1 2015 as total units sold by 3rd parties made up 49% of units sold. Combined with increased revenue from AWS, services now account for 31% of total revenue. 

This was a gangbuster growth quarter for Amazon. This quarter was especially impressive as the law of big numbers has yet to set in. The guidance range for next quarter was an increase in revenue of 22-30%. There is no slowing down Amazon with these types of numbers.