Disney Still Loves Netflix

With this one statement about Netflix, Disney's revered CEO Bob Iger set the world ablaze on the debate as to whether Netflix can survive without Disney:

With this strategic shift, we’ll end our distribution agreement with Netflix for subscription streaming of new releases beginning with the 2019 calendar-year theatrical slate. These announcements marked the beginning of what will be an entirely new growth strategy for the company, one that takes advantage of the opportunities the changing media and technology industries provide us to leverage the strength of our great brands.

This was a strategic move that in no way ends the Disney Netflix relationship:

  1. Bob is setting the stage for the next round of negotiations. Bob realizes Disney content is worth more than the current Netflix deal. 
  2. Bob realizes that HBO, Showtime and many others are interested in Disney content.
  3. Bob realizes he has a captive audience in the Disney ecosystem requiring Disney to provide their own streaming service.

Bottom line: Disney is not ending their relationship with Netflix. Disney is resetting their relationship and will ultimately provide the content to the highest bidder or group of consumers paying the most. Netflix has become a necessary evil with deep pockets that Disney will forcefully play with for decades to come.

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