Tech Infused Retail Monday Morning Reads - September 2, 2019

Here is what I found interesting in today’s world of retail:

  • Ulta struggling because of your boring beauty routine and influencers overdoing it. Link

  • Hotels have piled on brands, this could be a problem. Link

  • High school sports participation is down for first time in 30 years. Link

  • Peloton is a phenomenon, can it last? Link

  • Puma opens new flagship. Link

  • Here come more tariffs. Link

  • Target’s Drive Up service now available across the US. Link

  • Don’t discount Costco’s chances in China. Link

  • House cleaning at Hudson’s Bay continues. First it was Lord & Taylor, now it is European operations. Link

  • A look at the community still keeping the NCAA Football video game up to date. Link